The boy asked his mother, 'Will I die too?'

And his mother felt tight in her chest.

She built him a model of the Universe and told him, 

If you learn this, you will find that you go on forever."

Black Box Gallery.    Maryland Institute College of Art.  2019

click here for video of exhibition

Wonderwheel is a completely immersive installation that pulls the viewer into a narrative between a mother and child. The mother/artist is raising her child in the 21st century and is confronted by an increasingly disorienting landscape and becomes filled with terror. In order to protect her child, she builds a model of the systems of the Universe. The viewer inhabits the role of the child and moves through a landscape of stunning colors, reflections of gold, and images of buildings, homes, guns, industial facilities, and patterns. As the viewer continues to move through the exhibition, they may realize that they are situated within a giant colorwheel with no beginning or end. Equals parts beautiful and terrifying, this experience affects each viewer differently.

This installation was born of the artist's fascination with patterns inherent in our social systems. The project is supported by the artist's studies in physics and consciousness.